AEMA announced winners of the XXVII edition of Macael Awards

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The Marble business Association of Andalucía has presented to the mass media the names of the people who have been awarded in this new edition of Macael Awards that this year will celebrate its XXVII edition and it will take place the 22 of November. This year the Macael Awards has a character more international, in order to reflect the reality of the sector in the markets and because the future of this zone is the positioning of the label or brand Macael in the exterior markets.

Antonio Martinez, the president of this association has explained the importance of these awards for this marble association, the marble sector and the employment.

According to the president, these awards are important for this association because “with the members of this association (the marble companies) recognize the effort, the participation that the winners have had with our companies“.

Also, the Macael Awards are important for the marble sector because “these companies are working very hard to expand their products with the same force that before“.

Moreover, the Macael Awards are important to create employment because “our companies need more orders to create employment and a company with promotion will have more orders”.

About the winners, the president Martinez has highlighted the variety and the quality of them saying the following words of each other:

The International Award for North America who has been awarded for “Mr. Daniel Libeskind”, an Architect known in over the world. This award means that our companies work with the best designer and they continue working in innovation, creativity and so on.

The International Award for South America for Luq Stones company (Mexico) and International Award for Europe for Shopping Cetner So Ouest 4 Stars (Paris). With these two winners we want to emphasize “breaking a myth of white Macael, it could not be performed or large works or large formats. On the one hand, it has placed our marble Macael in 16 shopping centers in Latin America, in different formats and on the other hand, it has executed a shopping center in Paris (International Europe), also in different formats and Macael marbles.

The International Award for South America

International Award for Europe

The International Award for Africa for Misterios del Rosario Monument in Mongomo (Guinea Ecuatorial) and Design Award for Gran Teatro Auditorio Revellin (top image). Both awards justify our “know how” in the specialization of the companies in special projects.

International Award for Africa

National Award for “Alhambra de Granada, majestic and emblematic work, with 12 cats that come to reflect our permanence in time, starting with the Phoenicians and about 700 years after, we have restored. We reward, the one hand, the transfer of knowledge and know-how that has been passed along from different generations and on the other hand, quality and resistance to the passage of time our marble.

Communication Award to Mr. Carlos Herrera Crusset, a Journalist. He is a close person into the sector and he is very professional and hard worker.

Person Award for Mr. Jorge Lorenzo Guerrero, motorcycle racer. He will receive this award for his contribution to the zone in some important values such as: humanity, effort, work or improves.

To conclude, this association wants to thank to the sponsors in this new edition because “with the sponsors, would not be possible to celebrate these awards. For this reason, our sincere appreciation to them”.

Source: Marble business Association of Andalucía


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