Wooden Horse by Laurent Divorne wins the 12th Andreu World International Design Contest

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The Andreu World stand at the Feria Habitat Valencia has welcomed the awards ceremony for the 12th Annual Andreu World International Design Contest. Projects “Wooden Horse” and “Folding Rules” winners of this year's competition out of 200 participants.

Wooden Horse - Laurent Divorne

The jury has awarded a first and second prize and four special mentions in this year's competition. After long deliberation, members of the Jury have highlighted 2 different proposals with complementary values. On one hand, the value of ideas and on the other hand, the realistic approach to product design.

The jury this year was composed of Renato Siqueira, Director of the Brazilian Association of Architectural Studies (ASBEA), Mario Mariner Brands Forum (on behalf of D.Miguel Otero), Viviana Narotzky, President of ADI FAD; Diego Gronda, Rockwell Group Creative Director in Europe and Gracia Cardona, Director of Diario Design blog.

The first prize has been award to the project “Wooden Horse” from Laurent Divorne (Switzerland). The project “Folding Rules” from Thierry Gossuin (Belgium) has won the second prize.

Foding Rules - Thierry Gossuin

The jury awarded first prize to “Wooden Horse” because it's valued versatility of a proposal that offers the opportunity to have elegantly stacked stools. The jury highlighted the project to be a simple and fun piece, a suggestive proposal that connects to your childhood. Aesthetically, it is a versatile piece that can fit in many different settings and evokes an essence of luxury in the world and nature which makes a highly symbolic design in one piece.

The jury highlighted “Folding Rules” because of how this folding chair used wood to provide a simple solution to their composition. This very form of bending wood helps create this structure and gives the piece simplicity and harmony. Its configuration allows flat packing easy user installation.

Ergues - Damian Rodriguez Mendez

Koko - Leonardo Colucci

Finally, the jury awarded four honorable mentions to “Armchair Ergues” Damian Rodriguez Mendez (Spain), Leonardo Colucci (Shanghai, China) with “Koko”, “Fold” by Charles O. Job (Zürich, Switzerland) and the project “Veer stool” of Samir Skalli (UK). The jury highlighted the clever construction of these pieces, highlighting its functional design and ease of production, the care in details and proportions as well as its materialization.

Fold - Charles O. Job

Veer Stool - Samir Skalli

In each piece, the jury considered each innovative contribution in the fields of design, product quality, technology and manufacturing processes, as well as originality in the pieces. The first and second prizes are awarded 3,000 euros and 1,000 euros respectively.

The event this year has brought together contestants from all over the world and about 200 projects. The Andreu World International Design Contest has become an event that brings together young professionals from all fields of design, who present their best creations in a competition that rewards creativity, which makes it a launching pad for novice creators.

Source: Andreu World

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