Storia stool by Kari Virtanen for Nikari, bring out the best of wood in contemporary design

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Storia stool by Kari Virtanen for Nikari, bring out the best of wood in contemporary design

The Finnish company Nikari shows us a preview of the new Storia stools that can be seen at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, the biggest Nordic design fair, 4-8 February

Nikari has always respected its heritage - and generations before and after it. They honour the nature around and minimise the amount of waste generated in their processes. This year the company will bring out some new products following the footsteps of the Nikari heritage, as well as rare specialities that have been designed and manufactured decades ago.

At Stockholm furniture fair they will launch a new STORIA stool by the founder of Nikari, master cabinet maker Kari Virtanen. The stool is designed for both contract environment and domestic use with durable joints, comfortable seat and three different heights. Its Nordic craftsmanship soul can be spotted in the delicate joinery details, where Kari Virtanen is a true master.

Nikari at Stockholm Furniture Fair
4-8 February 2020
Hall C13:40

Don’t forget the Stockholm Design District Wednesday evening party on the 5th of February 6pm - 10pm at our Stockholm showroom on Rosenlundsgatan 40 (finger food, drinks, music, mingling). Please sign up here:

Award-winning design with deep respect for nature. Carrying on the traditions of finest Nordic craftsmanship to bring out the best of wood in contemporary design. Carefully made in Finland since 1967

Source: Nikari
Photos: Studio Chikako Harada
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