Loom Collection by H, inspired by the ancient folk art of Mexican weaving

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The Loom Collection by H Furniture, is a distinctive seating range inspired by a manual belt-making loom, typical to the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. The seating collection consists of the Loom Chair and Loom Stool.

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Both starting with a wooden structure available in a choice of solid natural woods and paying homage to the ancient folk art of Mexican weaving; taking threads of strong elastic polyester woven cord, stretched to create the seating area and back rest, providing a very comfortable seating experience.

Surprisingly light and portable, still very resistant, the Loom Collection is comfortable, practical and elegant, it makes the perfect dining, meeting room, or occasional chair.

Loom Chair

Each particular thread is an independent element from beginning to end - by selecting different thread colours, totally different looks and patterns are possible.

The chair's frame is available in a choice of natural woods. It is made with the utmost care and precision, where each element of the deceptively simple wooden structure has been carved by a computer-controlled CNC machine, for a superaccurate finish. The chairs are sanded and finished by hand, a process that takes around a day for two people.

The Loom Chair is available online HERE

Loom Stool

The four-legged Loom Stool pays homage to the ancient folk art of Mexican weaving. It's an expression of the simple beams of a rudimentary loom and the journey of the individual threads, which come together to create texture, pattern and strength.

The stool´s frame is available in a choice of natural woods and eight different woven cords, that can be specified to create different patterns and effects. Light, portable, resistant and versatile, the Loom Stool can be used as an occasional stool or footrest.

The Loom Stool is available online HERE
Source: H Furniture


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