Lapilla by Debonademeo for Ronda Design. The portable magnetic wall lamp

News Infurma27/12/2018
Lapilla by Debonademeo for Ronda Design. The portable magnetic wall lamp

A touch of light... for the freedom of composition afforded by Magnetika

Lapilla, by Debonademeo for Ronda Design , is a magnetic lamp devised to embellish the accessorised wall from the Magnetika collection (a system consisting of metal wall panelling in various finishes and magnetic accessories) that surprisingly also introduces an element of light into the game of geometries and freely positioned elements.

Like red-hot lapilli from a mesmerising volcanic eruption... Lapilla moves and gleams between the wall panels, in ever new positions, weaving unexpected patterns of light. The result is a highly functional wall lamp, which is secured to the metal walls through magnetic force alone, merging with them in a single whole with a significantly modern and sophisticated vibe.

A new lamp concept
Lapilla is a new lamp concept, where the base and lampshade do not need a hard rod connecting them, but they are instead joined by the power cable which is long and slender, standing out from the background to create customisable designs, and contributing towards embellishing the overall design.

Alternatively, magnetic wireways are available to guide the path taken by the cable along the wall panels, dividing it up into geometric segments. The lamp base is fitted with a cover and can be used to store any excess power cable.

The variant with fixed base is designed with the positioning of Lapilla lined up with the holes in the wall intended for wires to go through, whereas the variant with electricity socket can be secured freely anywhere on the wall, leaving the remaining cable under the base exposed.

With Lapilla, Ronda Design continues its research activities, continuously expanding the service and products it offers, focusing on innovative design, quality materials and the pursuit of the utmost freedom of expression of users.

Source: Ronda Design
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