IO wall light by Claesson Koivisto Rune for FontanaArte. Elegant and minimalist, it appears almost suspended

News Infurma05/02/2016

In the shape of a small curved lunar disc, IO, designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for FontanaArte, is a wall light with dual Led light emission.

IO appears almost suspended, very close to the wall but never close enough to touch it; positioned at a distance that allows the light to gently caress the wall with an intimate skimming effect.

Elegant and minimalist, it is equipped with a mount with a dual rotating axis. Th is allows the diffuser to be rotated by 360°, directing it exactly where the light is required. In addition to rotating, the diffuser also moves up and down, opening and closing the light beams to adjust to individual requirements.

Designed to provide a source of light that is as personal and adjustable as possible, the ideal use for this light is as a bedside lamp. However, it's versatility also makes it an excellent solution for lighting the walls of offices and corridors, both in residential and contract spaces.The diffuser is made from die-cast aluminium and looks very solid despite its small size. It is available in a matt finish in the following four colours: graphite grey, red, white and blue. The inside is always white in order to reflect as much light as possible.

Source: FontanaArte

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