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With Lithos Design Source, the designer works with a team of consultants who are experts in natural stone and its applications.

ld-source_restaurant-baku_44Lithos Design, manufacturers of natural stone claddings, partition walls and floors with an industrial design intended for interior design, counts three brands: Lithos Design Primes, the brand for the high-end residential and contract target, which includes collections that all share a unique and sophisticated styling appeal; Lithos Design Domino, a line launched in 2016 for a broad-ranging selection of residential and contract settings, produced thanks to a particularly advanced manufacturing technology that makes it possible to produce large quantities, with short delivery lead times and competitive prices; and last but not least Lithos Design Source, the allround consulting service provided by the company to offer its marble expertise to designers tackling complex architectural projects.

This expertise stems from the deep-rooted tradition and history of Lithos Design, which started off as a sophisticated experimental workshop owned by Bevilacqua Marmi, a stone working company with 30 years’ experience and a consolidated reputation in high-difficulty design consulting.

With Lithos Design Source, the designer works with a team of consultants who are experts in natural stone and its applications. Designers can therefore count on all the advantages of a single reference contact with whom they can define all the marble parts of a project: traditional and designer horizontal and vertical surfaces, interior furnishings as well as architectural features. Which model to use in every setting, what type of stone is most suited to every individual intended use, how to combine the various processings and stone materials: for every requirement, designers get a competent answer.

Below are three very different projects in terms of style and stone material usage, which were completed with the consultancy of Lithos Design Source.

Patara Restaurant - Berners Street
Project: Superfutures (
Date: 2015

Nothing is impossible: design à la carte

The briefing for the Patara Restaurant - Berners Street required the interpretation of Thai culture with a contemporary twist thanks to the use of traditional materials and colours. The focus point of the project became the representation of nine auspicious trees from Thai culture, made using the same number of panels which clad the walls of the restaurant's main area, where they play the absolute starring role.

Eight of the nine panels are made of natural stone, and the stylised representation of the trees has been engraved onto them. The Superfutures practice and the experts from Lithos Design Source liaised to define together the most suitable technical specifications for the requirements of this particular project, in particular the type of material to use. Bianco cotone limestone was selected owing to its aesthetic and technical properties: indeed, owing to its even and delicate characteristics, this stone is perfect for the warm atmosphere requested by the restaurant; it also made it possible to achieve the right thickness to obtain the proper balance between resistance, lightness and visual impact.

These studies led to the creation of eight custom-made panels crafted according to the designer's specifications using CNC machines on slabs measuring 2050x1300x30 mm

ld-source_restaurant-patara_4ld-source_restaurant-patara_5ld-source_restaurant-patara_2Baku Restaurant
Project: Archpoint (
Date: 2014

Tradition and industrial design: a turnkey project

ld-source_restaurant-baku_1The Russian architects’ practice Archpoint completed the refurbishment of the Baku restaurant in Moscow. The idea behind the project was to bring to mind the city of Baku and its peculiar mix of old and new, of tradition and innovation, which is what makes it unique and one of the richest cultural melting pots in the world. The result is a sophisticated cocktail of separate cultural references, where traditional architecture merges with contemporary design in a game of harmonies. A mixture of traditional and contemporary can also be found in the choice of stone materials made thanks to the partnership between Archpoint and Lithos Design Source.

The marble walls are partly in Travertino Latino, which with its typical pores and grain patterns establishes a strong link with past architecture, and partly in Seta, the stone design cladding from the Le Pietre Incise collection (Lithos Design Primes), with its sequence of matching Curve Luce complements, which restyles the material with a contemporary twist. The styling coherence of the entire room is guaranteed by the decision of commissioning the realization of both the traditional smooth travertine claddings and the designer ones, appointing the Lithos Design Source division for the entire supply: this made it possible to use the raw material select.

ld-source_restaurant-baku_2ld-source_restaurant-baku_6ld-source_restaurant-baku_8Private Penthouse
Ashrafieh, Lebanon
Project: FNA & Partners (
Date: 2015

Bespoke Stone Design

ld-source_private-penthouse-beirut_2The refurbishment of this private penthouse in Lebanon, completed by the architect Fouad Naayem and his practice FNA & Partners, expresses a balanced luxury where large volumes, fine materials and contemporary art blend in seamlessly. Multiple features were made to measure, including the walls in the living room, the home's genuine spinal cord.

The cladding is made of marble, specifically the Tratto model from the Le Pietre Incise collection (Lithos Design Primes), which the architect wanted to customise with the consultancy of Lithos Design Source: in this project, Tratto is made in beguiling Bianco Lasa, which is an on demand material, namely a white marble with yellowy-gold grain patterns of superior elegance, which is matched here to interior furnishings in Macassar ebony. This is therefore an example of how the Lithos Design Source experts can work together with the designer starting with the Lithos Design Primes collections and customising them using the most suitable stones for every particular project.

ld-source_private-penthouse-beirut_9ld-source_private-penthouse-beirut_6ld-source_private-penthouse-beirut_4Informaction and images by courtesy of Lithos Design

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