Kreoo puts on tray the Nabhi sink, designed by Enzo Berti in marble Red Alicante

News Infurma23/06/2015

The polyhedral Nabhi collection of marble bowls and trays dresses in red and impresses elegance and magnetism. Bowl and tray lay on a delicate balance of shape and proportions; the extraordinary finess of workmanship defines a very light and contemporary image.

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The design by Enzo Berti for Kreoo mixes with the spontaneous plasticity of marble that, especially in this variety of red intermingled with white veins, expresses all its natural decorative inclination and unveals new color interpretations of interior design.

Nabhi Red Alicante is part of the wide Kreoo collection based on a flexible system of furniture for bathroom that can be declined into various shapes and sizes and combined with supports or be free standing.

The collection is dedicated to contract and homed; it allows inedited architectural interpretations and highly customizable and adaptable to any exigency or room.

Source: Kreoo

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