Conca y Marzal, the designers behind the tailor-made Heineken bars

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The design studio Conca y Marzal integrates the Heineken brand by means of exclusive interior designs for every single branch. They work with branches all over Spain, providing them with unique and single concepts.

The Valencia-based interior design has taken hospitality establishments all over Spain hand in hand with the design studio Conca y Marzal, who have infused the most exclusive and loyal establishments of the Heineken brewery group with their creations, determined to define their branding by means of a contemporary, high-quality design.

In that sense, Conca y Marzal have become the team responsible for conceiving and developing unique, tailor-made projects. Specializing in interior design for bars and restaurants, they have catered for the specific needs of every space, providing their projects with personalized and exclusive results.

For six years, this Valencian studio sets all their team -made up by industrial designers, graphic designers, architects and interior designers- in motion to first conceive and then build comprehensive design concepts for each individual building.

cym_heineken_generica_02There will be no two equal interventions, hence the need to adapt the design to every building, either contemporary, classic, Northern, country or industrial. Thus, the possibilities are endless, and they span from vertical gardens to furniture, design for bars and dividers, patios and many other elements that perfectly fit the highly adaptable character both of Heineken and of their bars, as well as that of Conca y Marzal.

“When first faced with every project we always think about the style, the needs and the building's features. Always in touch not only with Heineken but with their client, we visually handle the project design as a whole. We design the furniture and the interior design, we manufacture them and we adapt them to each building. We never design two elements to be the same. Every establishment is provided with a new and exclusive interior design. It is not just about filling the space with Heineken logos, but about the brand presence being subtle, by means of some signposting and always playing with the green color, which is the most recognizable branding element of this beer”, designers Juanjo Conca and Vicente Marzal explain.

In short, with these works, Heineken provides the different establishments with a comprehensive design studio such as Conca y Marzal to create the space for the final client. This allows the tailor-made design of a space following the intructions by the owner of the establishment and to include the Heineken brand without being invasive, enhancing the impact of both brands. Therefore, the renown of both parties benefits each other by means of a positive impact both for their image and for their main goals.

cym_heineken_generica_03Conca y Marzal is a Valencian design studio specializing in graphic design, product design and interior design. Founded by Vicente Marzal and Juanjo Conca in 1997, they have specialized in brand creation and their application to spaces, by means of interior design projects. They are the Heineken-approved design agency for Spain, which authorizes them to design all the interior design projects for the Dutch multinational corporation and to adapt them to the clients’ needs. They have also developed such renowned graphic works as the signposting for Metrovalencia, the Levante U.D. soccer team logo, the corporate identity for BCN World -the biggest tourism and recreation center in Europe-, the logo and packaging for Ginself, the premium gin, or the graphic communication for Fórmula E.

concaymarzal_perfil_01Case Studies: projects

Balcony at Hotel Barceló Raval (Barcelona)

The intervention for this open-air space, located at the terrace of the Hotel Barceló on the Barcelona Raval area has been comprehensive, by embracing different aspects, from the 360 degrees lighted sign, to the vertical garden on the terrace, the stools, the bar cabinet and the tailor-made umbrellas, among other furniture and products. All the elements on this terrace have been created with the idea of enhancing the views provided by its location, in an exceptional place in Barcelona from where one can gaze upon the whole city. Keeping this in mind, they created an open space, with decorative gardening elements and furniture which, combined, enhance the experience of having a drink while looking at the landscape either during the day or at night, seating either on deck chairs or stools.

The design proposal by Conca y Marzal was crucial for the hotel to sign Heineken up as their beer supplier, thus being able to position the brand in one of the top touristic landmarks in Barcelona.

cym_heineken_barcelo_01cym_heineken_barcelo_03cym_heineken_barcelo_04El Príncipe (Museo Príncipe Felipe, Valencia)

The Museo Príncipe Felipe in Valencia, located in the City of Arts and Sciences, has renovated its terrace with the advice and assistance by Conca y Marzal as the Heineken-approved design studio. The studio outlined a terrace conceived around natural elements, thus providing the feeling of relaxation by means of natural elements in a space where white is the dominant color. Therefore, the natural elements spring from the furniture and, mixed with the wood of tables and planters, create the feeling of being in an oasis where changing the mood from such an architecturally powerful environment as the City of Arts and Sciences is possible. The furniture, as well as the landscape where the establishment is located, has been manufactured in white and grey tones, thus mingling with the environment.

cym_heineken_principefelipe_03cym_heineken_principefelipe_02cym_heineken_principefelipe_04Tapería Hispania

The design of this establishment on the Corts Valencianes Avenue was finalist to the Asociación de Diseñadores de la Comunitat Valenciana (ADCV) awards thanks to its ability to imbue the warmth of a very large space by means of the uprightness of the graphic elements, including elements such as the establishment brand, the Heineken brand name or the different specialties on the menu. The layout combines the natural feel and warmth of the space with the brightness and spaciousness of the bar, having wood as the main element for this design. By means of a complex panelling system, the wood serves even as shelving, which allows the positioning of image elements of the Heineken trademark. On the façade, there is a graphic intervention with vinyl panels, with special references to the Tapas culture, generating a visual rhythm by using text in horizontal and vertical orientations. In the interior, the graphic application refers, again, to the specialties on the menu. This graphic application can be seen as a collage along the building walls integrating with the modular textures that make up the space.

cym_heineken_hispania_03cym_heineken_hispania_01cym_heineken_hispania_04Brassa de Mar (Valencia)

The Ibiza-like interior and exterior design is paramount to this project. Therefore, the designers chose white furniture with, natural-colored woods, native plants and lawn, everything boosted with green lighting, thus bringing in the Heineken trademark. Brassa de Mar is a restaurant and lounge in La Patacona de Alboraia, Valencia, right by the beach. The vegetation, present in the wood decorations and lawn floors, blends with the white furniture and the big lamps, along with the tables and deck chairs, where you can have a drink while looking at the sea.

cym_heineken_brassademar_02cym_heineken_brassademarRestaurante asador en la Plaza de Colón (Madrid)

Conca y Marzal built this terrace on a platform and designed the dividers demarcating the space within the framework of this massive square, where they incorporated a refreshments’ stand to cater for the clients’ orders, per a concept rooted on cleanliness, openness and straight lines.

concaymarzal_plaza-de-colon_04concaymarzal_plaza-de-colon_06concaymarzal_plaza-de-colon_02Tapas Carmelitas (Barcelona)

Tapas Carmelitas is an industrial and bohemian style tavern located in Barcelona. To design both the exterior and the interior of the bar, Conca y Marzal resorted to an industrial-style furniture.

In this project, along with tables and chairs, the studio has created outdoor portable bars to carry cutlery, oil bottles and other utensils to prepare tables more comfortably and faster, thus avoiding unnecessary trips inside the building.

cym_heineken_tapas-carmelitascym_heineken_tapas-carmelitas_03cym_heineken_tapas-carmelitas_02Bucca (Madrid)

Sometimes, inteventions by Conca y Marzal can be summarized as small designs boosting the atmosphere of the place. This is what happened with the Bucca Club in Madrid, for which they designed this mirror installation to highlight the Heineken bottle and its colors on the bar.

cym_heineken_buccamadrid_02cym_heineken_buccamadrid_04Source: Conca y Marzal

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