Society Limonta Home Collection: a contemporary style inspired by a vintage look. Trends for Spring/Summer 2018

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Society Limonta Home Collection: a contemporary style inspired by a vintage look. Trends for Spring/Summer 2018

Society Limonta Home Collection is the Italian brand that with its especial love for “design” has revolutionized the home textile industry. It was founded in the year 2000 and it's part of the Limonta Group, based in Costa Masnaga near Lecco, in Lombardy.

For them, “research” means looking always ahead without forgetting the past. Each time it's a journey in the memory of fabric. A journey that rediscovers traditional and artisanal manufacturing processes, reinvented in a modern and contemporary way like the use of weaves or garment dyeing, thanks to which fabrics gain body and texture. Natural and noble materials are the starting point: linen, cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, woven and manufactured.

The new trend for the next 2018 spring/summer collection introduces in every Society Limonta home, its contemporary design style inspired by a minimalistic and vintage look. A strong chromatic selection, directly from the 50's. Floral, graphic or painted patterns, with stripes and energetic polka-dots which draw their vitality from an extra-fresh colour palette with sorbet shades ranging from the lightest to the strongest tones. Pistachio or Agave or Pine tree greens, combined with an intense Lagoon blue or with the must-have colour of the season, Pink, in all its possibilities, from the lightest powder-pink to the powerful Lychee red. A wide range of opportunities, to create your mix&match style: light and dark shades of the same colour, odd and contrasting colours, like green and red, or pink and pistachio green for a stronger effect. Society Limonta's research for new fabrics, gives an even more distinctive look to the homely-side of fashion.

The bedroom, the “ homely-side” of fashion

The bed linen world can count on a new and extremely chic atmosphere. SATEN is a satin linen and cotton sheet, very sophisticated and raw at the same time. It has an unusual fringed border, fresh and lively for the summer, and very different from any traditional sheets, which come with a defined and hemmed border. One side is semi-bright with a soft and silky touch, while the other has the dryer and mat feel of linen. A real garment for the bed accompanied by its pillow cases: the new fashion item for the 2018 spring-summer season. A light cloud in printed cotton voile, with soft and coloured patterns.

The collection includes an impalpable and embracing sheet, which can be used as a light bedspread with an eccentric and original personality. Just like any fashion accessory, the printed pillow cases give a twist to the bed's look by matching and combining the different patterns and colours. The spring/summer patterns are a new graphic and pictorial version of the classic floral designs, matched with hand-painted stripes, multi-colour polka dots or geometric patterns like giant confetti. BIG is a jaspé wool throw with a net weave; the summer version of the bouclé wool throws with fringed borders. Dry and light, it confers the perfect warmth for the brightest of all seasons; with it's soft volumes it's the completing touch for any summer bed.

A 50's couture table

Elegant like an evening dress right out of the 50's. WOOD, the “incomplete” tablecloth, in printed abaca fabric, with a very dense vintage design on one side, which ironically thins down and disappears on the other side. Flowers and leaves in just one version, overlay different types of green, from a sage green to a dark petrol shade of the same colour. For easy chic summer lunches, you can use CHINO and BOT, printed linen place mats.

The first one has the same giant confetti used for the pillow cases, while the second one has a crowded pattern full of bottles and pitchers standing on imaginary shelves. A sort of kitchen tools’ library in three colour variations. An amusing recollection of the 50's which gives a fresh and lively touch to the table, with matching dishcloths and removable front pieces for the linen aprons. At last, a series of coloured patterns used also for the pillow cases, for a vivid summer napkin collection, in a light ramie. Another fashion accessory for the table.

A chic and unconventional bathroom

A fresh palette where the Agave and Pistachio greens alternate with a more candy colour look, where a lychees red is combined with a light-powder pink. A sophisticated mix of neutral colours highlights the deep shades of the Lagoon blue, while grey-lovers can enjoy decorating the bathroom with a more graphic style, from white to the darkest charcoal grey.

This season's new trend is absolutely couture: COCO an overdyed towel in jaspé cotton with fringed borders, which draws its inspiration from certain tailor fabrics, which have become a real icon of the fashion world. The new towels have a strong feel, emphasized by a melange effect in different colours, which allow interesting combinations with other solid colour pieces. COCO is a suit outfit for the bathroom. A chic and unconventional towel that didn’t exist before today.

Accessories for a natural style

On holiday or for the city, a casual but sophisticated look. These are DRAI, bags in a handy and soft cotton canvas in new and fresh summer colours. DRAI is the perfect match for DRINK a silk and linen scarf, the ultimate accessory for the 2018 spring/summer season. DRINK is a light scarf in linen, in its natural shade of colour, and yarn dyed silk, for an elegant melange effect.

The ceramic collection

Society Limonta Ceramics is a new and innovative collection of ceramic tableware designed by Beatrice Rossetti and produced by Society Limonta.

It originates from the same desire of exploring new matters, which has always characterized the unique and refined home couture collections by Society Limonta. Artisanal handcrafted ceramic pieces, which complete the textile collections for the table, adding a natural and sophisticated touch.

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