estudi{H}ac shows all the options of the KRION, unlimited creativity at in its new showroom

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estudi{H}ac shows all the options of the KRION, unlimited creativity at in its new showroom
estudi{H}ac shows all the options of the KRION, unlimited creativity at in its new showroom

This has been the challenge of estudi{H}ac together creative director, Jose Manuel Ferrero, the provide the new Showroom of KRION® brand of Porcelanosa Group, into into a space for demonstrating all the options KRION® has to offer as creative material.

Discovering the fantastic properties of KRION® has opened up our creative minds to set up a showroom for unlimited creativity.

The multitude of colour combinations and the creation of textures. Its flexibility and adaptability to the space and its customization options in terms of colours for large contract projects. As an unlimited surface, any idea can be turned into reality.

From here on and taking into account the sectors on which KRION® focuses, such as retail, hotels and healthcare in contracts for furniture and equipment, the entire showroom has been created for visitors to feel the values of the firm and feel they are part of it, discovering and learning about everything that can be created with this material.

A large 5-m high K welcomes visitors. It consists of a deconstruction of KRION® plates in different colours and textures. This first step shows that KRION® is more than just white.

The large palette of colours, textures and finishes offered by the material have enabled the creation of 8 completely different spaces, where the properties and characteristics of the material can be seen from the so-called KRION® points.

KRION® points are the introduction to each space and recreate giant moodboards that show the combination of materials of each space, together with large videowalls for discovering the KRION® transformation process to achieve part of the furniture or cladding of each space.

From the manufacture of large enclosure structures, airport desks, flowerpots and custom furniture in lounge areas, special cladding for walls, columns and ceilings with optional backlighting in cosmetic shops, laboratory cupboards and benches, fully fitted bathrooms in hotel suites and proposals for different types of kitchens in workspaces and small apartments to examples of exterior façades for office architecture.

There is one space that stands out for its scenography: the WORKSHOP, which shows off the work space used by creative designers, a place to discover trends and how they are turned into ideas and to investigate the properties and possibilities the material has to offer. The new colours that are to set future trends will play leading role in an exhibition space full of surprises. A spectacular floor mosaic created specifically for the project welcomes visitors to this creativity workshop. Embroidered fabrics with fashionable graphics turned into KRION® mosaics, a characteristic kitchen-library, worked from the folds of fabric transformed into KRION®, and a large central table that combines natural wood with KRION® as a meeting place for creative designers.

The last space on the route of this great challenge is an area with a large perforated curtain with folds used as a backdrop made of KRION®. In front of the curtain, a delicatessen and Gastro Bar boast a system of shelves and a large central island with a KRION® floor mosaic.

A new space with an endless number of staging options designed for users to soak up the professional, avant-garde, explorer spirit of KRION®.

Source: Estudi{h}ac
Photos: Alfonso Calza
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