LZF's Dune lamp wins Interior Design's "Best of Year" award

News Infurma18/12/2020
LZF's Dune lamp wins Interior Design's “Best of Year” award
LZF's Dune lamp wins Interior Design's “Best of Year” award

LZF's new Dune lamp has won Interior Design magazine's ‘Best of Year’ (BOY) award in the ‘pendant fixtures’ category.

Designed by Imanol Calderón Elósegui and Marta Alonso Yebra of Madrid-based Mayice, Dune marks LZF's first use of hand-blown borosilicate glass paired with natural wood veneer. LZF co-founder and creative director Mariví Calvo was keen to work with Mayice, having been especially impressed by the studio's intricate glass designs.

Made entirely by hand, Dune is a striking and sculptural lamp, notable for its distinctive bulb-shaped center.

In Dune, a single piece of borosilicate glass, hand-blown by master artisan Eduard Garuti, envelopes a wood veneer diffuser. Downward light from the wood's unique seedpod-like opening is softened by the glass.

LZF is especially proud of the results of its collaboration with both Mayice and Eduard Garuti. With their mastery of glass design, Mayice and Garuti reveal the natural beauty found in glass, then combine it to perfection with wood veneer: in Dune, they achieved a perfect glass and wood symbiosis.

The Dune lamp reflects LZF's dedication to craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation. To receive a BOY award for Dune, LZF's first lamp made using hand-blown borosilicate glass and wood, is an honor.

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