Ilva presented in Maderalia Selección 2015, "Wood Design Special Effects", the new catalog of finished

News Infurma23/01/2015

Ilva presented in Maderalia Selección 2015 the new catalog of finished “WOOD DESIGN SPECIAL EFFECTS” where the role it will tactile and visual effects for wood aimed at designers, manufacturers and prescribers.

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The new catalog of Ilva Wood Design Special Effects is distinguished by:

  • An extremely original selection of unique effects.
  • Presentations advanced techniques that ensure a unique outcome.
  • Textures, special tactile and visual effects.
  • A new dimension of color.
  • Provide unimaginable level concepts decoration and design for wood.

Ilva wants to surprise in Maderalia Selección 2015, presenting the 10, 11 and 12th February at Feria Valencia (Hall 8, Stand 20) highest bid nationally in new finishes and textures for wood (Wood Design, Ilva Special Effects) in a modern and contemporary space, a highly innovative environment.

Source: IVM Chemicals

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