The CRISS-CROSS 3,2,1 collection by Faye Toogood for Teixidors, receives recognition from the international design community

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The CRISS-CROSS 3,2,1 collection by Faye Toogood for Teixidors, receives recognition from the international design community

The new collection, that Teixidors recently shown at Maison & Objet (Paris) has already received the ICFF Constellation Award 2019 in New York and was long-listed for the prestigious Dezeen Awards. Presently the collection is among the 10 finalists for the Beijing Design Award

CRISS CROSS 3,2,1 is a collection by Faye Toogood for Teixidors, consisting of three different designs which offer a new interplay of tones and textures, one of which incorporates ecological yak wool.

Each blanket from the CRISS-CROSS 3, 2, 1 collection combines three distinct yet conjoined weaves in a variety of structures, details and proportions. Each part has been hand-woven in the Teixidors workshop, using natural ecological merino wool, carefully washed to achieve a lightly felted and soft finish, and baby yak wool from a cooperative in Mongolia.

The resulting triptych consists of three woven quadrilaterals of subtly different tones, sewn together into a long patchwork with fringed edging. The colourways are contrasting and complementary. CRISS CROSS 1 CRISS CROSS 1 CRISS CROSS 1

An award-winning collection

The Constellation Awards honour excellence and innovation in the world of contemporary design. They are organized by Contract Magazine at the international design and furniture fair, ICFF New York. The awards are divided into 11 categories and all contestants must have been introduced into the US market to qualify.

In 2019 the jury selected Teixidors’ CRISS-CROSS 3,2,1 collection as the Best Accessory for its contribution to the field of interior design, also taking into account functionality, quality, durability, aesthetics and innovation.

CRISS-CROSS 3,2,1 is among the brands long-listed for the prestigious Dezeen Awards (Homeware Design category) by the internationally recognized digital magazine Dezeen.

Additionally, the Faye Toogood collection for Teixidors is among the 10 finalists to compete for the Beijing Design Award, which is organized within the framework of the Beijing Design Week 2019. CRISS CROSS 2 CRISS CROSS 2 CRISS CROSS 2

Innovative impulse

With the CRISS-CROSS 3,2,1 collection, Teixidors demonstrates its expertise in traditional hand weaving and felting. In this new collection by British designer Faye Toogood, Teixidors proposes joining different and independent pieces in length, a strategy that harnesses the opportunity to mix different colours and textures in Teixidors’ own exclusive yarns.

Criss-Cross 3,2,1 also reinforces a decorative and characteristic element in other Teixidors’ collections: the border, or “appliquéd cord”, that is added in different locations, rhythms, thicknesses and colours.

And most importantly, Teixidors is able to explore new fields in the composition of pieces and uses of their wooden looms. In this case, taking advantage of the smaller looms in the workshop that require a shorter learning period, resulting in more work opportunities for the weavers, which supports the main goal of Teixidors: achieving social inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities through textile handicraft. CRISS CROSS 3 CRISS CROSS 3 CRISS CROSS 3

As Nuria Bitria, Teixidors creative director, says: “in Criss-Cross 3,2,1 we want to express our capacity for design and production, and to highlight every step, peculiarity and perfect imperfection of every handmade process. In this new design we show our complete authenticity.

Faye Toogood says: “We enjoy collaborating with Teixidors for their expertise in traditional hand weaving and felting. The ability to mix vast colours ranges and textures in Teixidors’ exclusive yarns, provides us with rich design opportunities. The tactile quality of the pieces are enhanced by the characteristic felt-like elements and appliquéd cords that Teixidors have become synonymous with.Faye Toogood. Photo by Rory van Millingen

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