New manga style sushi bar by DA2 Arquitectura

News Infurma24/03/2021
New manga style sushi bar by DA2 Arquitectura
New manga style sushi bar by DA2 Arquitectura

This sushi bar inspired by Japanese manga and anime, takes the customer into a fun and unique experience.

The interior of this new bar is designed by the studio DA2 Arquitectura by Pedro Scatarella, making it a different style, unusual compared to others, followed by images and a description of the bar.

Already from outside the premises something is sensed to be happening inside, since the automatic glass doors are outlined in their contours and have some marks to show that it is a glass. Everything is very subtle, though.

Once inside, the client seems to change to a dimension where everything is drawn. It is still very subtle, but as you pay attention the experience becomes more and more real. As we observe the details with more attention, we see that everything is drawn and outlined as if it were a manga.

This small bar and sales store is organized around a large counter with a display fridge where two Sushi chefs prepare and dispatch the fresh product.

Inspired by Japanese interiors, the walls are decorated with vertical and horizontal wooden slats. Like everything in this space, they are intentionally painted to give a sense of illustration. Instead of varnishing the woods to highlight their natural veins, we have hidden them a bit and with the help of markers, we have delineated both their edges and some veins. With the color of the paint we have also looked for an illustration effect and not a real one. The edges of the slats are painted with different shades of the same color depending on the part facing the light or the shadow.

The shadows cast by each element are also painted as well as the patches of light on the walls.

To achieve the effect on the walls, we have used various painting techniques. We started by making color gradients, applying different shades of the same color, to conclude by applying transparent masks to highlight these gradients and imitate manga illustrations.

For the flooring we have delineated all the joints of the existing parquet and have applied a glossy varnish, to highlight the brilliance so characteristic of the Anime.

All decorative objects, paintings, vases, plates, lamps, etc have followed the same technique. They were outlined and the lights and shadows were painted.

Today, to complete the experience, all sites must have a corner that calls for sharing on social networks. For this, we have allowed ourselves to resort to a fairly common resource if we talk about manga and anime. This being the use of the well known iconography of Son Goku, Naruto etc. We pay tribute to our favorite anime by making the outline of the hair of a super Sayian Blue with neon. But like everything in this design, we did it in a subtle way: just the hair to give the otaku a wink. The idea is to be able to take selfies with the neon framing the head and become a Super Sayian Blue.

Lastly, the bar is designed to work sushi. The sushi chef works on a lower plane, in full view of the customer. Encased in the solid oak top, there are two drawers to display the fish as if it were some jewellery display.

Source: DA2 Arquitectura
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