Equus, fine porcelain stoneware floors and walls embossed and carved, inspired by the equestrian world

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Equus, fine porcelain stoneware floors and walls embossed and carved, inspired by the equestrian world

A collection by Sartoria, brand of Terratinta Group, designed by Catherine Braconnier

Equus continues the tale of Sartoria, a brand of Terratinta Group that has its roots in the tradition of handmade ceramics, embracing the singularities of semi-artisan techniques and combining them with the innovation of modern technology.

Equus was born from an equestrian inspiration that Sartoria decided to explore and decline in different codifications thanks to the potential of ceramic material.Field

The collection combines sophisticated geometries with timeless architectural forms to give life to a modern proposal that offers the perfect combination between urban innovation and rural tradition.

Presented in a wide range of colours, textures and finishes, this collection of sculpted and embossed walls and floors allows to explore endless laying schemes. The collection is produced in Italy.Pavé

Equus proposes three types of surfaces: Field, Hoof andPavé.

FIELD, 3D effect combined with grooves embedded in the porcelain stoneware body

Field is produced with a special dry pressing technique in customized molds that allow to ESTRARRE the single piece with thin lines that seep through the porcelain stoneware forming fissures that dig the material creating a gap of 6mm. the handcrafted glazing using special nozzles allows the piece to be perfectly glazed even inside the small grooves.

HOOF, technology allowsto develop a sculpted tile combining two different finishes: matt and glossy

Hoof too is created with a “dry” pressing made in an exclusive mould of 12 mm thickness and afterwards engraved with a 7 mm depth ellipse: a considerable difference in height for a porcelain stoneware product. The ellipse repeats the horse's hoof print and is then glazed and vitrified, using the traditional silk screen printing method typical of artisanal third-firing productions.

PAVÉ, geometric shapesdeveloped on porcelain stoneware

Pavé develops on porcelain stoneware tiles a geometric shape that goes beyond the traditional rectangular or square model. The result is a very characteristic and exclusive frame obtained by dry pressing in the mould.

Source: Grupo Terratinta
Top image HOOF
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