Elisava organizes a series of conferences to highlight the lighting design in Architecture

News Infurma18/01/2013

The Postgraduate Diploma in Architectural Lighting of ELISAVA organizes the series of lectures and visits called «Iluminando arquitectura: desde el concepto hasta la obra» (Illuminating architecture: from the concept to the work) consisted in three days in the Mitte Gallery, La Sagrada Família and Mercer Hotel, to be held on in January 23, January 30 and February 6, respectively.

The programme intends to review and verify in situ the creative process of lighting design in architecture in representative areas where lighting plays an important and indispensable role.

Lighting design of any space requires a creative process strongly linked to the architectural work. Light is the tool used to define quality and requires a process of conceptualization, formulation and implementation that has to consider the space context from the beginning. Light is a basic tool for designing architectural space and help the user to understand the message that you want.

Series of lectures and visits in Spanish.

Concepts behind a lighting project
Type of activity: free. Conference + Exhibition
Date: January 23rd at 7pm
Venue: Mitte Gallery (Bailèn 86, Barcelona)

La Sagrada Família: the process of illuminating Gaudí's work
Type of activity: free. Guided Tour
Date: January 30th at 7pm
Venue: La Sagrada Família (Mallorca 401, Barcelona)

Mercer Hotel by Rafael Moneo: how to light an historic building
Type of activity: free. Guided Tour
Date: February 6th at 7pm
Venue: Mercer Hotel (Carrer dels Lledó 7, Barcelona)

ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

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