Step-by-Step radiator by Tubes, winner of a German Design Award 2020 for its surprising slat-like design

News Infurma03/12/2019
Step-by-Step radiator by Tubes, winner of a German Design Award 2020 for its surprising slat-like design

The German Design Council rewards Step-by-Step, designed by Alberto Meda for Tubes, as the Winner in the Excellent Product Design - Bath and Wellness category.

The German Design Award, organised by the German Design Council that has represented and supported the design industry in Germany for over 60 years, is an award allocated to companies and designers who, thanks to their projects, are deemed pioneers of design on an international scale.

The jury, consisting of a panel of about 50 experts from the world of design and architecture, rewarded the Step-by-Step radiator with the following verdict: “Its surprising slat-like design creates a lively alternation of lights and shadows. This effect is further accentuated when several modules are arranged in such a way that the flaps point in different directions. An elegant radiator that completes many modern interiors with its linear design“.

The concept of Step-by-Step starts from an aluminium module with a surface made of pleated elliptical elements, tilting towards the left or the right. Depending on their layout and on the observer's perspective, charming games of light can be created, as well as visual effects that cause completely different emotions: from a slight sense of motion to a monumental architectural feature.

Modularity makes Step-by-Step suitable for the most diverse design requirements. The basic module can be installed individually or placed beside another module, thereby creating many configurations. Step-by-Step is therefore ideal for both large spaces, in which users want to introduce a significant decorative presence, and for smaller settings, where the compact overall dimensions (the radiator protrudes just 7.8 cm from the wall) saves space indoors.

Step-by-Step is available in the hydraulic, electric and mixed versions. The radiator heats up in two different ways: via radiation, in other words by radiating heat directly through the large heat-exchange surface, and through natural convection, thanks to the hot air that goes from the bottom upwards.

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