Stone Designs projected the new SnowZone Madrid

News Infurma14/05/2021
Stone Designs projected the new SnowZone Madrid

Stone Designs presents the interior design project carried out in SnowZone, with the mood of going out to the slopes to ski, as if you were in the middle of nature... The studio explains the development,

The ground of the project for SnowZone is to completely change the perception of the visitor in relation to the previous experience. In order to get it, we wanted to generate a 180º turn creating the idea of “going out to the SnowZone” instead of “going into the SnowZone”. In our imaginary, in a ski resort we would never say that we go into the slope, we would say that we go out to the slope. This way, we strength the idea of creating a much more natural space, where people breathes in a more intense way a mountain experience, instead of feeling that they are in a closed artificial space. Just this turn around in the concept changescompletely the feeling of the visitors and gives us a very easy to understand storytelling.

SnowZone Square

Once we go out to the new SnowZone everything is different. First, we get to a big square flanked by porticos to get sheltered from the cold weather and the snow, like if we were in a Swiss ski resort. A space where some illuminated clouds threaten with snow, and they help us to emphasizethe idea of outdoor that we are looking for.

We create a square where the spaces are open and continous, with no architectural barriers and where users find all the offer they need to enjoy agreat day at the snow. A new SnowZone,that apart from increasing the space30% in comparison to the previous one, improves the offer for skiers and companion.

Colours and finishes

All the chosen materials for this project don’t just answer to an estheticalquestion. All of them have been tested in high mountain and high traffic spaces.All of them have some qualities like resistance or sound absorbing capacitiesthat make them not just appropriate, but optimal for the use in ski resorts.

High-resistance materials

Given the nature of the project, we chose the use of materials with an extraordinary resistance. The carpet and the wood used for the floor are with no doubt two of the best solutions at a resistance and acoustic level. The tiles in the areas to support the skis, provides the needed hardness so that deterioration is much less than in the previous painting.

Acoustic solutions

Acoustics is a real problem in common areas in ski resorts. Mainly, because to the natural noise in common areas, we have to add the blows of the ski boots in the floor. Something that if it is not well solved could become a real problem. The acoustic solutions that we implemented are very efficient and totally related to the storytelling of the project.

Project: Snowzone
Year: 2020
Photo Credits: Alberto Monteagudo
M2: 2000 m2 apróx.

Source: Stone Designs
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