ILVA completes its Flamer range of specific Fireproof coatings for wood

News Infurma25/06/2013

ILVA started in Italy in 1946 and, since then it has become one of the most important groups specialized in the production of wood varnishes. Flamer is the ILVA range of flame retardants for wood, designed to ensure maximum protection of wood against fire destructive actions.

Ilva is a trading division of IVM Chemicals Group since 2007, the most important multinational group in Europe and among the most important in the world. It has subsidiaries in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Poland and Greece and, distributes its products in more than 70 countries through specially high-qualified distributors.

Technological innovation strategy in products development led by Ilva has been recognized positively by the market, what has enabled them to achieve succesful business results. The quality and technological customers requirements, whether industrial or artisan, are very dynamic and highly specific: ILVA can propose solutions to meet every need.

Ilva coatings are formulated and developed by more than 200 researchers at the center of European Research and Development Group, working every day in the future of wood coatings with the aid of the latest tools and technologies.

This kind of products are available in pigmented and clear formulations. Flamer range has been certified with the Euroclase Fire Reaction Standard, having passed this test brilliantly foreseen by current regulation, obtaining the reaction to fire class B-s2, d0, according to the UNE-EN 13501-1.

Resistance properties of Flamer processes have also been tested according to the following standards:

- Cold liquids resistance.
- Lightfastness.
- Scratch resistance.
- Resistance to changes of the temperature.

Flamer range is designed to meet the needs of production and quality in high demanding customers and, is a significant step forward to introduce into sales channels that require this important certification, such as architects, interior designers, carpenters, painters, contract companies, etc.., while it opens a door to ILVA brand to achieve its goals of growth and expansion.

Source: ILVA

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