Viccarbe at La Salita by chef Begoņa Rodrigo

News Infurma04/12/2020
Viccarbe at La Salita by chef Begoņa Rodrigo
Viccarbe at La Salita by chef Begoņa Rodrigo

The Season Chair from the Spanish furniture firm Viccarbe dress La Salita restaurant, located in Valencia, Spain

Viccarbe's furniture participates in the new premises of La Salita restaurant by the Spanish chef Begoņa Rodrigo, her most avant-garde gastronomic concept, a project that seamlessly blends Mediterranean design with the local produce of vegetables.

Begoņa Rodrigo seeked a more personal twist for her restaurant, awarded with 1 Michelin star and 2 suns ‘Guía Repsol’, and has now transferred its location to a completely different scenery: the heart of the Ruzafa borough in the city of Valencia, Spain. La Salita now occupies an eighteenth-century period house where white tones, wood, and wicker contrast with authentic hydraulic floor tiles.

Interior Design by Silvia Bellot

With regards to the interiors, iconic pieces from local firms have been selected with the clear purpose of transmitting Mediterranean vibes through the whole atmosphere. To achieve this, the interior designer Silvia Bellot, director of Mediterranean Nomad, has chosen the Season Chairs, a design from the Italian architect Piero Lissoni for the furniture brand Viccarbe. A resounding and sophisticated piece with a kind and comfortable design, accomplishing a full enjoyment of the gourmand experience for the diners.

In its work for Viccarbe, Lissoni created a chair with geometric shapes, a simple and almost platonic silhouette without interruption between its backrest and seat, attaining a harmonious design, compliant to any environment. The Season Chair has hidden casters on its base, which facilitates its relocation between the different areas of the restaurant, particularly suitable for the present time as it increases its possibilities. As a detail, the piece can further resist overtime thanks to the existence of a tan color band located at the foot height, made of technical material.

A friendly setting that lives up to its singular epicurean proposal. Mediterranean design and vanguard join forces to achieve a perfect culinary experience

Project Details

Interior Design: Silvia Bellot for Mediterranean Nomad
Furniture: Season Chair, Piero Lissoni
Photography: Javier Diez
La Salita
C/ Pere III El Gran, 11B
46005 Valencia (Spain)

Source: Viccarbe
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