Ten Spanish restaurants that have stood out in 2017 for their interior design

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Ten Spanish restaurants that have stood out in 2017 for their interior design

Throughout the year 2017, many restaurants in Spain have opened or experienced changes. We have chosen 10 of these restaurants out of the ordinary thanks to its exceptional design:

Marine inspiration for the Soleo Marbella Beach Club

Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados has been in charge of the project, and they have made this restaurant a place where the boundaries between the interior and exterior space disappear, imitating the concept of a ship with two different environments: one interior, and another outside.

Isabel López Vilalta turns around to the Soleo Marbella Beach Club restaurant with contemporary maritime and nautical flavours

Fusion of cultures in the restaurant Peyote San

The Peyote San restaurant project, located in Madrid, has been carried out by the Singular Project studio, giving it color and personality.

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Panorama Restaurant becomes more cosmopolitan thanks to Tarruella Trenchs

The firm has been responsible for changing the personality of the restaurant to address a younger audience.

Read more about it: Tarruella Trenchs revitaliza el Restaurante Panorama y zonas comunes del Hotel Chiqui en la playa del Sardinero

Jean Porsche designs a three-dimensional environment for COQUE

The interior designer Jean Porsche has adapted the spaces of the restaurant to be as special as its gastronomy, thanks to the original shapes and colors that it has designed inside.

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The duality as a brand of the restaurant “El Mama & La Papa”

The Creative Team designed this restaurant as a place to oppose opposing elements, in an old canning store.

El Mama & La Papa Restaurant designed by El Equipo Creativo. A space which plays with duality and the mixture of opposites

Byral offers us a place of character with the ClassRoom restaurant

The interior design studio decided to design the restaurant with a mixture of noble materials and accessories with more industrial tones. It is a space that is totally out of tune with the usual.

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El Equipo Creativo promotes bluefin tuna in La Tunateca Balfegó restaurant

The restaurant has commissioned the studio to design a space dedicated to bluefin tuna and mark its signature very strongly.

El Equipo Creativo makes the tuna protagonist, in all its forms, textures and colors, at the new Tunateca Balfegó restaurant

Mana 75º, a restaurant with three spaces designed by Turull Sorensen

The Mana 75º restaurant is a bright place with sparkling colors. The design studio Turull Sorensen chooses an open atmosphere with soft shapes.

Read more about it: Turull Sorensen diseña el restaurante Maná 75º con la esencia del mar y la luz del Mediterráneo

Maringo Restaurante: a place far from the standards, designed by Velvet Projects

The restaurant is born from the need to recreate the traditional cook of the area rescuing the authentic flavors with new avant-garde techniques and more innovative recipes. From this mixture an original and comfortable place is born.

Maringo Restaurant in Conil de la Frontera, Cádiz, by Velvet Projects. Escaping from formalisms

Tarruella Trenchs gives a homemade tone to the Restaurante Turqueta

The project of the study has resulted in a typical restaurant, where everyone feels at home, and where you can eat good food at the same time. If you like enjoying good dishes in a relaxed place, this restaurant will be perfect.

Tarruella Trenchs designed the Turqueta Restaurant in Valencia, a space with Minorcan soul and domestic ambience

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